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Boot Adaptor
Clamp adaptor for ski and hockey boots in plastic
We have invented a clamp , that succeeds in solving the problems for sportsmen having problems with their feet, for example pain in corn areas, metastasis or in the ankles.
This clamp has the function of reshaping the shoe in the part that is causing trouble, with the help of a hairdryer, obtaining a reshaping to the external and solving in a few minutes the problems to the foot.
Technical data
Clamp constructed in chromium-plated steel with painted handles, dimensions:
- Lenght: 800 mm
- Width: 140 mm
- Depth: 70 mm
- Weight: 3.70 Kg.

- - Hairdryer Einhell W. 1000/2000 max. Temperature max. 500°

We reserve the right to make more appropriate modifications.