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The original sharpener SPEEDY, created for sharpening the blades of ice skates is a precision machine with a very quiet and balanced engine, handy and practical to use.
The sharpener, furnished with a oscillating "supporting arm" mounted on ball bearings, enhances the easiness of operation for blade sharpening.
The oscillating supporting arm system contains a "blade true" device: this is a ring located at the base of the skate holder fork. This ring with a calibrated scale permits a speedy positioning of the blade to be sharpened at the centre of the grinder by means of a simple rotation to the right or left.
The sharpening is further improved, eliminating the vibrations produced by the grinder, by the creation of a grinder balancer, entitled "Balsys", which, axis fixed above the grinder, permits, where necessary, by means of movable sections, the perfect balancing of the grinder so as to obtain an excellent sharpening of the skate blade.
The closure of the blade by means of a Lever with load regulating screws, permits a speedy and safe blocking of the blade.
The retractable device for the "Ranging" of the grinder offers the possibility of varying its range, with millimetre scale from a minimum of R 5mm to a maximum of R 20 mm.
The protection above the grinder housing can be positioned in accordance with the grinder diameter, thus allowing greater protection for the operator.
Technical data:
- Volt: 220 - 50 Hz (optional: Volt 110 - 60 Hz)
- Power: Hp 0.5
- Revolutions: 2900 min.
- Overall dimension in mm: H 400 x L 500 x D 350
- Weight: Kg 28 c.a.

- Metal cabinet: dimension P. 450 x L 650 x H. 700, fitted out with suitable racks
for accessories and keys, and allows for vacuum cleaner insertion, with external
socket and switch and internal socket for vacuum cleaner.
- 1200 Watt 220 Volt Extractor fan
- Tool for "even grind" dressing

Part consumption:
- Abrasive grind 60 grain e 200 x h 6 f 32
- Abrasive grind 80 grain e 200 x h 6 f 32
- Abrasive grind 100 grain e 200 x h 6 f 32
- Diamond type CRT 0.5

We reserve the right to make more appropriate modifications.