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Throughout the history of Officine Casella a large number of machines have been created in the technological sectors:
- Tinning station
- Pantograph for woodworking
- Machine for testing ski boots
- Machine for testing football studs.

On request we can manufacture special machines
Tinning station
The revolving table tinning station with rotation of the part consists of two positions for tinning, two positions for resin extraction and one position for the depositing of the finished part onto a conveyor belt.
Pantograph for woodworking
Twin rod Pantograph, manually operated and created from the need to produce grooving in old doors or windows in a practical and safe way, for the insertion of double- glazing.
Machine for testing ski boots
Machinery for testing ski boots on the athlete simulating the skiing positions and thus being able to discover any possible corrections to be applied to the boot.
Machine for testing football studs
A machine constructed to simulate the movements that the rubber studs in football boots can undergo. The machine carries out automatically two movements, one adjustable horizontal shifting and one vertical shifting.